Dreaming Yourself Awake

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. – Henry David Thoreau

I’m a different kind of cat. I haven’t always known that. Hey, that rhymes. Clawing back. Being that you are who you are, there is little reason, at first, to think that you are anything but normal. I didn’t tell myself I was different, people kindly did that for me. Not in a harsh way mind you, more a raised eyebrow tilted head sort of manner.

A picture of a cat with different colored eyes.

When I think about it, which I have, given the choice of being different from or more like most others, I’d stick with who I am. You aren’t above ridicule and teasing mind you, but that’s okay. People unconsciously fear what they don’t understand.

Throughout life, I have met others, who like myself. are considered to be different. Maybe you’re one of them. In all honesty, they are my favorite people. They tend to concern themselves primarily with matters that transcend day to day current affairs, for the most part ignoring the trappings of pop culture. That’s not to say they don’t have a cursory awareness of such matters it is simply that their minds don’t bend in that direction.

A young hippy girl

They have had life experiences that are often paranormal in nature but not necessarily so. You could merely take what they tell you of such experiences at face value, though our human condition would have us all be skeptics at first brush. One thing is for sure, their experiences, as mine, have profoundly shaped their lives, moving them in a certain direction.

I know myself of one adorable young lady I befriended, who claimed to be in constant contact with spirits. Like most would be, I was initially doubtful of her declaration. As it was, we shared a close bond and thus I was in the enviable position of being able to verify her claims.

A flower child with an orange.

With her full agreement, I began to record a few of our private conversations. Indeed, when playing back our recorded conversations later the same evening she was indeed quite correct. Voices clearly could be heard in the background and on more than one occasion responded directly to questions she posed to them. 

Now, of course, being that we know each other not, I would fully expect you to dismiss my claims. I would probably do the same in your stead. There but one thing I can say with any certainty. When you are the one who recorded those private conversations, as I was, and you hear those disembodied voices for the first time, the hairs on your neck will quickly give you the affirmation you seek.

Spirit children on a lake.

There is a trust that is built between these like-minded souls. Once trust is initiated you are allowed to enter into their inner circle. Here, are shared some of the most incredible stories you are ever bound to hear. But these stories serve no purpose hither. 

Although I do not claim to experience any of the more common paranormal events, such as ghost or ufo sightings. I have in the past and continue still to have very personal occurrences. From the occasional disembodied voice to recollections of past lives I have had my fair share, as have many. But one experience more often predominates all others. I often have doubts about its paranormal nature believing that an explanation may lay within the realms of science, but I cannot be sure.

Doyen Digital Nomads 215

It hasn’t always happened in my life, having arisen in just the past ten years or so. It comes about fairly regularly. Sometimes three or four times in one day while still other times I may go weeks on end without a single incident.

Most often it is fleeting, rising and falling within a matter of seconds. On rarer occasions, I can remain in the state for a minute or so. These are the episodes that leave an indelible mark on your mind. and soul.

A picture of a girl at sunset with her reflection in a lake.

My first full-scale occurrence happened a number of years ago in a local restaurant known as Caseys. There is nothing inwardly alarming that precipitates these odd occurrences and in fact, they happen at the most benign moments. I think that in itself is a clue to their origin.

This one particular evening we had decided to treat ourselves to nachos, a favorite of my wife and mine. I peered outwardly into the dining room, unfocused, as we talked casually about everyday matters. The children, our upcoming vacation time as well as work-related frustrations. As we did so I began to feel an odd sensation overtaking me. I was drifting in and out of the physical space in which we found ourselves.

A scene from a Casey's restaurant.

Daydreaming, I suppose you could say. Only my daydreams sometimes venture off into a mystic arena of strange duality. A surreal place where I am both “here” and “there” simultaneously. “There” can be pretty much anywhere, although, never is it a place I have been to or at the very least can recall being. This was most certainly the case on this particular evening.

So as my wife continued to converse it began as it always begins. A space within my mind opened up and a scene began to unfold like a dream. I suddenly found myself staring out from a different set of eyes.

A drawing of an empty room.

I see that I am sitting in a large leather sofa chair located in the corner of a dimly lit rectangular room. The furnishings are sparse and the walls bare. There, at a 45-degree angle from where I sit, a floor lamp stands alone. It’s faint 40-watt bulb softly illuminating the 25 by 12-foot space. Behind it, running along the back wall that faces me, a long counter. It hints of a kitchen beyond but it’s height hides any obvious signs.

A bare floor and wall.

There is nothing distinguishing or outstanding about this place. It’s most remarkable feature being just how minimal and sparse it truly is. Rustic living to the max.

What is also perceivable, is an open window directly to my left-hand side. I glance over my shoulder recognizing at once that it is night time. Confirming this is the telltale sounds of night creatures chirping away. The crickets and tree frogs bellowing forth their sweet nocturnal melodies in perfect harmony.

What struck me most was just how content and in the moment I was. Never in my waking life have I known such fullness and peace. Ironic, as I were, finding heaven in this scarcely furnished room, echoes of the night filling up my senses. 

Looking out a window dreaming of the night.

Whereas most often when I experience this duality of waking and dreaming it is fast and fleeting.  This evening just happened to be one of those rare times when I am able to bask in it for a time.  Whilst this was occurring, I could still see the decorative shutters on the restaurant’s window, located over my wife’s right side. I heard her voice, talking as she still was and observed the movement of waiters and patrons about me. Here and there, as it were, simultaneously.

A booth bench seat looking out at a window.

I recall saying to my wife, “You should see what I am seeing right now.” Of course, being that she never is able to see usually results in her dismissing my otherworldly comments with a measure of indifference.

It’s a bizarre sensation of apperceiving with some weird paranormal double vision. The outward material world, viewed by my physical eyes while at the same time mentally perceiving a dream world of another space and time within.

A surreal drawing of a field and mountain betwist night and day. Dreaming

After a time, I shook it off and brought my full attention back to the restaurant. I have asked others if they themselves ever experience this odd sensation of dreaming while awake. I cannot say with any certainty that this is what is occurring but it at least seems logical.

From a scientific standpoint, it would appear that my mind first shifts from beta to alpha, which is quite normal but then transcends into theta while still within alpha. The two brainwaves being conjoined, interweaving concurrently, separated by a thin veil.

A surreal depiction of night and day. Dreaming

Is it heaven, another dimension or simply some strange form of Trompe-l’œil. I can’t say for sure. All I do know is I am glad that it is now a part of me. When I attempt to explain it to friends or relatives I am assured of a strange look or offhand comment. With time, I have come to realize that this type of dreaming is not common among the general populace.

I have learned to be very accepting of who it is I am, as you should be of who you are. Maybe I am not your average guy but being different from the masses does have its advantages. Not the least which is that you get to experience the world in a very unique and unusual away. Whether I am here or there, I am me and that’s a pretty darn special thing.

a surreal dream world.

Let me know, in the comments section, if you have ever had this type of dreaming while awake experience.




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17 thoughts on “Dreaming Yourself Awake

  1. iyalouisa says:

    I am a big day dreamer! Dreams to me are so special and I love to explore things around the meanings of dreams etc. FYI average is boring.

  2. Everything On A Plate says:

    What we enjoy about your website is this lovely theme you have and how you talk about topics that really get you thinking

  3. Sigrid Says Blog says:

    Each of us is unique and we have our own kind of thing. As for the spiritual sense, I cannot speak on that.

  4. I definitely set off and day dream when I am in the moment. Often times, I am go go go so I have no time to sit and be in my thoughts. How I miss those days.

    1. tenzendude says:

      Sounds like you need to get back to them.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    Although I am a self confessed scaredy cat when it comes to paranormal activity, weirdly when reading about your experience I had no doubt in my mind that what you were saying wast true. I think it’s quite cool you can openly daydream like that.

  6. I had a near death experience 6 yrs ago and the way you described how you felt was very similar to how I felt. The complete zen like content feeling that one just can’t reach here in life on this earth. I Also felt an immense sense of LOVE like none-other, it was amazing. It all happened as soon as an angel came for me in my hospital room, then I was between both earth and Heaven surrounded by millions of angels praying for me. I was given a choice to be in Heaven (which is so incredibly beautiful by the way) or to come back and live to care for my kids (my children needed me and I wanted to be there for them, so I chose life on earth). I was able to reunite with family who passed yrs ago before coming too in my hospital bed again… Dr’s call me a miracle because they can’t figure out how I survived with my numbers being off the charts, and I’m the only Wilson’s Disease patient to survive without a transplant AND on top of that my liver reversed cirrhosis and repaired itself… I never told the Drs/medical staff what I experienced, but maybe some suspect ; )
    thank you for sharing your story! think of it as a blessing!

    1. tenzendude says:

      Thank you for your comments. That is one heck of an experience you went through as well. I have never heard of Wilson’s Disease before but I will google it.

  7. I am a huge day dreamer and can live a day in the dream…weird I know. However, I feel good vibes and good spirits but I don’t really know much about what I think I am experiencing.

    1. tenzendude says:

      That is the key. Is it actually happening somewhere out there?

  8. Nothing wrong with daydreaming. I do it all the time, I did it after reading this lovely well written post lol!

  9. Such a perfect post for a Friday read! I love this! I’m such a daydreamer too. I do it a lot in my car when I’m driving. Probably not always a good thing but I think it’s what keeps us hoping and healthy.

  10. I’ve had day dreams but no like this. This was interesting to read, I felt like even though I was not there, I could picture this world you were in where you were present in your world and the one you saw through a different set of eyes.

    1. tenzendude says:

      That’s exactly as it is. Thank you for your comment.

  11. John, you always amaze me with your writing. Well this was an amazing read. I have my fair share of day dreams too. Sometimes I am just doing some work and at the same moment thinking about a complete different thing. I would say I have been to alpha and beta phase, but never to the theta. Loved your selection of pics.

    1. tenzendude says:

      Thank you young lady.

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