KT Boundary (Aliens Among Us)

Like a huge smokey white, blue marble, that’s how I last remember Gaia. Every now and then that haunting image flashes back, and I recall the loved ones lost for a future gained. Returning home was the only thought that’s kept me sane these past ten years, locked up in this bloated tin can.  There really … More KT Boundary (Aliens Among Us)


The Blue Deer Incident

I don’t really connect with animals. Although cordial, our relationship is more that of acquaintances than friends. Whatever bond others seemingly feel, I don’t. I suppose that’s why the strange creature’s message struck me so deeply that day. I still remember it verbatim. Ironically, I have housed and cared for many an animal throughout my life. … More The Blue Deer Incident

Wu Wei Wifi Cafe

Today, I’ve decided to do nothing. In fact, I believe I may just do nothing from here on in. Now before you think that I’ve reclined into a life of indifference and apathy, allow me to explain. You see “doing nothing” is the central tenet behind the ancient Taoist principle, Wu Wei. It may sound … More Wu Wei Wifi Cafe