Miscarriage of Justice

I might have stayed longer though it seemed senseless. What more was there to be gained? Evolution by revolution appeared to be the natural course of things.

“Come, it is time.” The words clapped like a bell in my mind. A voice heard yet never seen.

A soft field of Goldenrod.The decision made, I slowly rose from the expansive field of Goldenrod, turned and bid my spirit farewell. A body of work to be undertaken. Earth’s harsh school of physicality awaited. Lessons to learn. Growing pains for higher gains.

Almost immediately, I sensed motion. Flowing strands of murky gray-white mist streamed swiftly past. As quickly as it had begun the motion abruptly halted. An inky black void soon enveloped my whole being.

A picture of star like lights and pink orbs.

Silence. Awareness without awareness. The nothingness of nothing.

Without warning, the dark void began to pulsate. Repetitive undulations collapsed my now fleshy form.

A sudden flash of blinding radiant light shook my senses to their core. Shadowy figures milled noisily about.

Where was I? What was I? Who’s inner voice just silently asked?

A piercing scream sliced through the surreal scene. It’s shrill pitch incomprehensibly emanating from my every direction.

Jolted by the sheer terror of it all, I hastily retreated and found myself once again surrounded by total darkness.

A picture of a serene wide yellow filed with a bight blue sky in the background.

In time, the shadows dissipated and I became consciously aware of my immediate surroundings. I sat motionless, dumbfounded. The old familiar field once more filling my view. It’s soft flowing Goldenrod dancing and tossing about in the mild breeze.

My mind now clear, a disconcerting remembrance arose to the fore. I had let myself down.

My class abruptly dismissed. The naive student having selfishly abandoned his loving teacher.

Feeling all of a failure, I took solace in the fleeting hope that perhaps there still had been a lesson learned.

As if acknowledging my desperate plea, the omnipresent voice sang out in response, “Indeed dear Justice, indeed”

A distraught woman holding a book in front of a surreal blue background dotted with Birch trees.

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