Discover The Secret To Empowering Your Productivity

The Lost Years At times, it feels as though I’ve lived a life based on inspirational quotes. All those juicy metaphysical pearls of zen wisdom strewn and strafed across the internet’s fertile landscape. I do possess at the very least a somewhat cursory awareness of Taoist and Buddhist philosophies. Most of it acquired rather inauspiciously … More Discover The Secret To Empowering Your Productivity

Morning Mania

I do not fear life, nor death for that matter. But maybe that’s just my own stupid arrogance. After all, I am yet to find myself in the unenviable position of having to stare it down directly in the face. Gazing deeply into the boundless dark void that lies behind it’s cold and callous raven … More Morning Mania

The Blue Deer Incident

I don’t really connect with animals. Although cordial, our relationship is more that of acquaintances than friends. Whatever bond others seemingly feel, I don’t. I suppose that’s why the strange creature’s message struck me so deeply that day. I still remember it verbatim. Ironically, I have housed and cared for many an animal throughout my life. … More The Blue Deer Incident